Thursday, June 15, 2017

Anime Party XVII: The Trailer

This year we have:

AMV Hell 7 - Because
The Wind Rises - A little bit of Miyazaki
Gangsta - RIP Manglobe.  You will be missed.
Atom: The Beginning - The Astro Boy prequel!  Loose attempt for decent mecha this year...
Sagarada Reset - What David Productions is doing between Jojo seasons
The Boy and the Beast - Mamoru Hosoda's latest.  Not sure how we missed watching it yet!
My Hero Academia - Shonen, and Heros!  Two biggest things in anime right now!
Gintama: The Final Chapter - Eternal Glory to the Odd Jobs - We know this isn't final anymore...
Grimoire of the Zero - Fantasy!
Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul - MOAR RAGE!
A Silent Voice - The other big anime film getting a lot of attention this year.
Canaan - Girls with guns
Little Witch Academia - Studio Trigger's latest

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