Saturday, October 22, 2016

Halloween Anime Potluck 2016

MONDAY, October 31st, 6pm-12am

YES THIS IS A MONDAY! There will be no regular Wednesday anime this week!

Post in the Facebook event what you plan to bring. Anything from a simple side to a main dish will work! I will be making "Apple Pie" but you are welcome to bring your own special drinks too. Anyone drinking is strongly encouraged to borrow a couch and stay the night!

Trick or Treat 6pm-8pm
Hand out candy to the kiddies while drinking and eating!

Halloween Anime 8-12am
Keep eating and drinking and watch some anime to fit the season!

Corpse Party OVA Forgotten Footage then Tortured Souls 1-3
Danganronpa 1-3
Red Garden 1-3

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